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About Us

Nestled in the Nottinghamshire countryside, the Teversal Village Candle Company workshop is a hive of activity. The company was born out of a love of candles and the desire to create candles that people would love. After all, we love them and we want to share that.

We are perfectionists in all that we do.  That’s why we have people who mix the wax, create the perfect wicks, wrap the candles, decorate them, and create the wonderful fragrances.

The whole process has a personal touch. Everything is handmade. The candles are hand poured. Every single product that leaves the workshop is inspected.

If we are happy with it, and would like it in our own homes, then it passes the test.

If not, we don’t allow the candles to leave. We love what we do and we want you to share that love too. You can buy through the online shop, and you can also buy from us personally at the events that we will be attending.

Take a look at the blog for all news.  If you gave any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; our contact details are on the homepage.


Meet the Team

Chantelle Terversal Village Candle Company
Michelle Teversal Village Candle Company
Kate Teversal Village Candle Company
Danielle Terversal Village Candle Company
Priya Teversal Village Candle Company
Elsa Teversal Village Candle Company